Clarence Creek Skating Club

Selecting a Coach

If your child enrols in STAR Skate Junior, STAR Skate Senior or our CanSkate+ program, you will need to select a coach. You will need to find out if this coach's teaching methods and philosophy meet the needs of your skater? All our coaches are Skate Canada professional coaches who are accredited through the 3M National Coaching Certification Program to at least Level l. This program trains coaches on proper technique, training regimes, and ethical issues related to coaching in general. Please feel free to speak with them.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is: What is my budget? Your budget will determine how many lessons per week you will purchase for your skater. Estimate how much you are willing to spend per week on lessons. These fees are paid directly to the coach, not to the club. The fees you pay to the club for STAR Skate Junior, STAR Skate Senior and CanSkate+ are for ice only. Once you have selected a coach, determine the following

Is the coach available during the sessions that my skater is choosing to skate? Some of our coaches may be fully booked on some sessions. Some flexibility on both sides may be required to fit lessons in.

How many lessons per week can they provide to your skater? Discuss with them what your expectations are for your skater in terms of lessons and advancement. The coach will be able to guide you as to what is an appropriate number based on the level of your skater and your budget. You will also find out their suggestions, their rates, their method and the billing period? If the coach is quite full, are you willing to work with a couple of coaches? Team coaching is not uncommon at our club and has many benefits. Some skaters learn one aspect of their skating from one coach and another from the second coach. Each coach can often compliment the other well.