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The Clarence Creek Skating club is proud to host, in collaboration with the Rockland Skating Club, the 2016 Skate Canada - Eastern Ontario Autumn Skate Competition. This highly successful event attracts over 500 skaters at all levels from across Eastern Ontario and more.

This three day competition will take place at the Clarence-Rockland Arenas (CIH) from September 30th to October 2nd. In order to deliver on such an important competitive event, we turn to our skating community for support. We need you to volunteer for this event, please follow the link below to register. All volunteer hours will be beneficial to your home club! Thank you for your collaboration!


CanSkate & PreCanSkate - Winter session 2016-17(pdf format)

StarSkate registration form Winter 2016-17 Juniors/Seniors(pdf format)

2016-17 Season Ice Schedule(pdf format)