Clarence Creek Skating Club

General Information

In this section you will find more information regarding the skating programs we offer and which are taught by our certified, professional coaches. Figure skating allows skaters of a wide range of interests and dedication to find an enjoyable and rewarding path in our sport.

Each skater is different. Each skater will find their own path to meet their own goals. The Executive Committee and our coaches are here to help your child attain their goals.

During our CanSkate and Preschool programs, our coaches are assisted by Program Assistants (PAs).

For younger skaters, three or four years-old, we offer a Preschool program, which initiates young kids to skating through games and props. Once a skater is able to get up and get around on the ice, without help, they are promoted to our CanSkate program.

We recommend skaters, aged four or five years-old, begin with the CanSkate program. This is the basic learn to skate program that teaches the basic, fundamental skills of skating needed for success in either figure skating, hockey or ringuette. The skating instruction is offered in a group format to skaters of all ages. Over the course of a session, our professional coaches assess each skater's progress and award badges when all the skills of the level are mastered.

A skater at the higher badge level of the CanSkate program, can join our CanSkate+ program. This program allows a skater to buy additional ice time and take lessons with a Coach. As well, this program gradually introduces both the skater and the parent to the concept of private or semi-private lessons. Please speak to an Executive Committee member for more information on this program.

Once a skater has passed Level 6 in the CanSkate, they enroll in our STAR Skate Junior program in either a group lesson environment or in private lessons.

Once a skater has passed either one Senior Bronze level test OR has passed the whole Preliminary FreeSkate OR is in high school/adult, they progress from the STAR Skate Junior to our STAR Skate Senior. The Executive Committee reserves the right to move skaters to equalize sessions and for security reasons

We also offer a AdultSkate program for adult skaters who want to develop or fine tune their skating skills.

Throughout the skating season there are regularly scheduled Test Days for our STAR Skate Juniors and STAR Skate Seniors. When a Test Day is approaching, more information is available from either your child's Coach or the club's Test Chair.

A yearly event at our club is the end of season skating show. This is a time where all our skaters, from Preschool right up to Adults, can show how much they have learned this season. Additionally, it is an opportunity for the community to witness the potential our skaters have.

Competitions are another option that any skater can enjoy - if they choose. More details regarding competitions, their registration deadlines, actual competition dates, etc. are available from your child's coach or at the Eastern Ontario (EOS) Web site.

As skaters develop and progress through the various levels in the Skate Canada programs, they will also start to skate more frequently.